Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The god we have and the place we're born

What interests me is the indoctrination of religion in children. Christian indoctrination is dying out in the UK in primary schools (faith schools excluded) when I was there around 15 years a go prayers, hymns, and the nativity play were all part of school life. We were never taught about Christ but we were expected to understand and believe in him.

Now at that moment in time when I was young and desired forgiveness for things I had done I thought were bad, I didn't feel the call to Islam, Sikhism, Judaism but to the Jesus of Christianity because that's what I knew. The unknown did not reach out to me, if it had I undoubtedly would still believe today.

I think that is why people are so adamant they are on the correct path to god because the majority of time they have grown up with a religion, and there is no escaping that. The thought of another god, or in the Abrahamic sense the same with different prophets is unthinkable.

They can both argue with positive belief they are correct because they choose to believe the religion of their country, culture, family or upbringing.

Exceptions exist, I know. Take for example Christians in Pakistan, depending upon which source you read (the statistics vary) Christians make up 1.8 percent of the dominant Islamic country. Pakistan is known as one of the more conservative Muslim countries. There is a general feeling that Pakistan does not allow for religious freedom yet churches exist and are functioning in Pakistan.
According to Wikipedia most descend from people who converted during British colonial era.

But these exceptions don't out way the obvious, that the god you worship is the one that the people around you worship. The two biggest religions Christianity and Islam are physically demonstrable on a map via the east/west divide. Geography plays its part in religion how is this explained from a theological point of view?

Anyone ever hear any testimonies of people who had been saved by a god they had never heard of before?