Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My favorite podcast: Unbelievable?

I have to do a post on my favourite podcast at the moment the Unbelievable? series produced by Premier Radio is just the type of podcast I searched iTunes to find.

If you don't know anything about Premier it is a British Christian Radio station, there is also premier.tv which I think is their music video side.

The podcasts are all free and cover a range of topics all religiously focused but not entirely Christian. The best thing about the unbelievable podcasts is that despite being a Christian radio
Station they have an abundance of atheist, agnostic guests and guests from other religions.

It also feels very contemporary, and is a compact and accessible dose of apologetics and debate. Just enough to keep you listening and engaged. The host Justin Brierley, is also a very moderate host despite his own Christian affiliations remains unbiased and diplomatic throughout.

So yes if you are interested in debates and discussions you have to check them out. Go to your iTunes and type in Unbelievable? The podcasts will come up. Plenty to choose from and doesn't cost you a penny.

I'm going to try and blog about these weekly because they always bring up interesting subjects and would be great to discuss them with fellow bloggers.