Monday, 15 October 2012

Why the hostility towards agnostics? Pt 1

I realise now other than for a few sure moments I have never been an atheist. That lingering doubt that some would call cowardice or stupidity has never left me and never will until I am fully convinced of the explanation that something can come from nothing.

At some point in the very distant past absolutely nothing was here at all. Not even empty space ,not a whiff of an atom, no place for an atom to be! Just nothing. Not darkness not light, no vacuums, nada! Then out of no where a bang occurs, and yes scientists can explain and theorise the explosion but why is it that first initial atom ever popped into existence in the first place when there was no where for it to pop into.

This question has fascinated me from a very young age, I remember trying to imagine something coming from nothing, but of course all the mind can imagine is darkness which is still something.

This initial beginning is really an atheists weak spot. For all  the science in the world our true origin is unknown. The big bang was not in my eyes the beginning of the universe but rather how the things in the universe came to be including time and space.

I would like to know why it is seen as cowardly to explore and to conclude you don't know? Would it not be pretentious to pretend you did just to suit the needs of others. To appease those who would rather you choose .I read recently that agnosticism is not in between atheism and religion because atheism is knowledge and religion is belief, the burden of proof lies with religion there for to be in between is not to be unsure what to believe you either do or you don't.

Well firstly I disagree that you cannot be in between the two positions. The notion that atheism is not a belief in no God but rather the lack of a belief is a fair description, the idea that atheism is knowledge is again a just explanation, however as I mentioned previously this knowledge has holes in it for me yet should I agree with it to avoid sitting on the fence? Should I just believe that science may one day hold the clue to the beginning ?

The universe is expanding, it wasn't always here, it had to start somewhere, at some point something came from NO thing. Do we know how? No. Does Atheism have all the answers ? No.I think I will stay where I am thanks.