Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Book of Mormon

I might be wrong, but to me Mormons are a rare thing in the UK in fact. I don't think I have ever met one. I know some one who knows some who is Mormon though. To me and to a friend I just spoke to they are similar to Jehovahs witnesses'.
Now why would I say that, i don't know any as I have just admitted so perhaps this image of Mormons I have, is televisions fault.
Or is it this thing that I touched upon in a previous post, that Mormons because they are a smaller branch of religion are considered less credible. As if one book is less credible than the others because of the people that read it.
Is it religious snobbery? I don't know.
Anyway back to the book, I ordered one from the link that's on the FREE BOOKS page above. I didn't see in the small print that they hand deliver it to you and stop by for a chat so that should be interesting.

The book of Mormon was written by an American called Joseph Smith and first published in 1830.