Monday, 17 October 2011

Why I can't believe and the nature of being "right".

Some days I am certain and some days not. When I do  think there is something I just don't see it lying in the frame of mainstream religion. Just because they have the biggest following it doesn't make them "right".
I used to be and to some extent are a believer in gods not a singular god, but an equal male and female balance sun, moon, man, woman, day and night kind of thinker. If I had to lay myself in any "religious" criteria, I would probably aim toward pagan type belief system, because of it’s aspects of balance and respect for nature. I used to dedicate myself to that kind of thinking but as I aged that slipped from me; I still was unsure whether there really was anything there at all.

Now, I ask myself why I can’t believe. What is it about me and others than cannot just say "the world is beautiful and clearly has a creator, there for God must exist."

I can't agree with that because I find most religions to be so hypocritical, so dogmatic and in a round about way do more harm than good. Even if I were to believe in a god, I would struggle to be a religious person because here is my problem with " belief" and being "right."

The Christian stands there and says I know I am right, I feel God all around me, I have experienced its presence. The Muslim stands there and says I know I AM right; God is here with me he helps me, and I feel him all around me.

I say well, you can't both be right, because if you were both right that would mean that the holy books you read are both wrong. So you both believe you are right yet one of you at least must be wrong. Yet they don't feel wrong, they both won't budge, each assuming that the other is wrong. Yet internally feeling with the same amount of certainty that THEY are the one in the know and they are correct.

So could it be that god/gods come to anyone who asks. Or is god a human concept that offers some psychological reward to those that (in whichever way) practice this idea. Is god our back up plan?

I can't believe because I don't see how so many people can feel so strongly about something and yet most religions talk of only one god. Yet they all display the same amount of religious fulfilment so someone is either bluffing or our idea of god is wrong.

Is it the more dogmatic, the greater the relief. Like someone with OCD, you follow the plans you get the comfort; the relief.

I am not here to close my mind, I wish to open it, but if there really is nothing to see I cant pretend to see it.