Monday, 17 October 2011

The Bible and the Quran / my religious backstory

Save your self some money (unlike me) and download the
Bible (PDF.) for free! HERE
OR The Quran(PDF.)  HERE.

So I am at my first experiment. The experiment came about because of a passing comment to my boyfriend who is an absolute atheist who can not understand why in this day and age people still believe in gods. I said that we should pick a religious book and read it if we have nothing to fear, surprisingly he agreed! So I said I would first read the bible , as I have a few christian friends and I am often putting Christianity down, he picked current hot potato ; the Quran. They are the big two at the moment, and they are closely linked. My knowledge of the Quran and the Bible is that they both originate from the same source, yet the Quran was written by the prophet Mohamed and Bible is a collection of writings written by several prophets.

My Religious back story

Born in the UK I am by default exposed and encouraged to lean toward being Christian. At primary school you sing hymns and prey, you learn about nativity and resurrection. That is all. I went to Brownies which also encouraged us to go to Church, something I did once and told my mom I didn’t want to go again. She said that was fine. My family aren’t really religious at all. My dad has no time for religion, he doesn’t believe in ghosts, goblins, gremlins or gods. He is a bricks and mortar man, with his faith in science, technology and nature.
So I reached the age of 13 and discovered nature based spirituality. Something that suited me fine and to some degree still does. Nearly a decade on I still lean towards that kind of spirituality but I also am interested in Buddhism and consciousness.
But obviously if I have found my niche in life then, why am I here?
I am torn, between believing nothing and wanting to believe everything.

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